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Shazal Irshad

Computer Science Ph.D. student
University of Colorado Boulder

About Me

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As of August 2018, I am a Ph.D. student at University of Colorado Boulder. I do research with Dr. Eric Rozner at CU Boulder Interconnected Systems and Optimized Networks (BISON) Lab. We are part of Networking and Security Research (NSR) group and the Computer Systems Group. My research interests mainly span and are not limited to wireless networks, datacenter networks, cellular packet cores. Currently my work focuses on Wireless network management.

I completed my BS from FAST-NUCES Pakistan in 2014 and my MS from LUMS Pakistan in 2017. I have worked for an year as an Android developer and for a year as a Research Assistant at LUMS. 

My research interests include and are not limited to Wireless Networks, Computer Vision Systems, Cloud Computing, Datacenter Networks and Cellular Packet Cores.

About Me


  • July 2023: Won Best Paper Award at IEEE LANMAN'23

  • July 2023: Successfully defended my PhD thesis!

  • June 2023: Won Best Paper Award at IEEE WOWMOM'23

  • June 2023: Our work on combining Wi-Fi and vision for privacy in vision pipelines got accepted at IEEE LANMAN'23!

  • March 2023: Our work on combining Wi-Fi and vision for localization got accepted at IEEE WOWMOM'23!

  • November 2022: Cleared my PhD Proposal and I am now a PhD candidate

  • Jan 2022: Will be interning at Cisco Meraki till August 2022

  • May 2021: Started summer internship at Cisco Meraki 

  • Won Best Poster Award at HotMobile 2020!

  • Got HotMobile 2020 Travel Grant!

  • March 2020: Will be presenting our work Sensor Driven Wireless Network Management at HotMobile 2020!

  • Jan 2020: Our work on Sensor Driven Wireless Network Management is accepted to HotMobile 2020!

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